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Our Sustainability Promise

In a world where products come faster and cheaper, manufacturing has shifted to places
with lower regulations, creating severe environmental issues in many developing nations.

To combat this, we decided to partner with The Trillion Tree Campaign and contribute a portion of our sales to fund reforestation projects around the world, with the aim of reaching 1 trillion trees planted collectively by 2050.

We've also optimized our production processes and supply chain to operate in a much more sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint.

Repurposed Water Waste

In the ceramic making process, water is one of the key ingredients. To reduce unnecessary waste, excess water used in our production process is filtered and repurposed for local farming and agriculture.

Locally Sourced & Recycled Clay

To reduce our carbon footprint, we only utilize raw materials from within 50km of our factory in Northern Portugal. Excess clay trimming and defective pieces in the production process are then recycled and reused to produce new pieces. No spare material is ever left behind.

100% Recyclable Packaging

Plastic pollution is one of the largest environmental issues today, with waste taking nearly 1000 years to decompose. We designed our boxes to withstand the bumpiest of rides en-route to your home, all while being 100% recyclable.

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