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Portuguese Cork Products

Our cork is sustainably harvested in Alentejo, Portugal by experienced farmers and made from the leftover cork wine stopper scraps. Double layered for durability, it's an eco-friendly way to protect your table from heat and messy eaters.

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Cork is an essential part of Portuguese culture that's also present in normal life even when people do not notice it. Cork stoppers for wine bottles are among the most widely implemented object, but it's manufactured into many different items, including fashion accessories, clothing and footwear, furnishings and floor coverings, and more.

Cork is one of Portugal's largest and most important exports. According to the United Nations, Portugal is the world's largest cork producer and exports roughly 50% of its entire production.

The world's largest cork oak forest is located in Portugal. It takes approximately 15 years for a cork oak tree to grow its first layer of cork, but cork can be harvested in cycles of 9 and 27 years. The cork that is harvested in cycles of 27 years is fit for processing.

Cork is produced naturally in two parts of the world: the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, where Portugal and Spain are, produce 80% of the world's cork, and the rest is produced in Northwest Africa.

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How it’s Made

Our pieces are expertly made by skilled producers in countries where traditional techniques have been refined over the centuries. We respect the history and culture behind the process in creating the quality to last a lifetime.

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